About us

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About Us

This website is dedicated to Financial Engineering and here you will find several articles, videos, debates and questions on the subject. In this regard we welcome you to post articles and participate in debates but do keep in mind that the debates and questions are just that so we expect calm, open and structured contributions.

Some of our content will be pulled from interesting stories and information from all over the internet, some of which you may/may not know about. We will also be featuring papers from people like Manahel Thabet and other influential figures on the subject.

In the future we will try to have Guest Speakers and Interviews and much more - so please watch this space. Enjoy your time here and once again, welcome to Financially Engineered.

The "Seek" Series

This website is part of the "Seek" Series and is inspired by people such as Thomas Buzan, Manahel Thabet and more.



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